Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided some of the more commonly asked questions with answers about what we do as a home watch service. These are a general overview and do not reflect the full scope of our business. If you have any questions that are not addressed in this section, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to speak with you in person.



Who will have access to my home?

BSE Home Services LLC is owned and operated by Tony and Christina Donohew. We are a husband and wife team with nearly 30 years of combined experience in Real Estate/ Property Management and Law Enforcement. We conduct all home inspections and services ourselves. To read more about our business and who we are, please visit our "About Us" page.

How frequently will BSE Home Services inspect my property?

We offer a variety of options that take our clients budget and needs to heart. Taking into consideration the nature of issues that can arise in a vacant home, the more frequent the better. We recommend weekly visits to minimize the time that an issue can go undiscovered, but we also offer bi-weekly, monthly and per visit options. 

Another thing to take into consideration is your insurance policy requirements. Some homeowner policies require inspections at specified intervals in order to maintain coverage on vacant or unoccupied properties. Please check with your insurance provider for additional information on their policies prior to choosing an inspection frequency.



Is BSE Home Services a security company?

No, we are not a security company, nor do we intend to replace the services of one. With that in mind, having someone at your property for scheduled inspections can act as a deterrent, and any damage due to attempted break-ins or vandalism will be discovered during our next scheduled inspection. 

How will I receive my inspection report from BSE Home Services?

We use a market leading management software called QRIDit Home Watch Edition. This in depth program offers many client features including your own client portal. In this portal, you will have access to your reports, billing and payments, and chat services. Using integrated GPS, this program eliminates any concern or question about whether your home is being properly cared for. QRIDit uses your address to create a QRID card that is scanned by us at your property, verifying our presence and giving us access to complete your inspection report on site. Learn more about the QRIDit Home Watch Edition program here or through the link on our "Home Page". If you prefer to have a physical report mailed to your out of town address, we are happy to accommodate.


What areas do you provide service for?

We provide our services to the majority of Sarasota and Charlotte counties including, North Port, West Villages, Venice, Englewood, Rotonda, Grove City, Manasota Key, Port Charlotte, and Deep Creek. As a growing company, we are always expanding our service area, so please don't hesitate to contact us to see if service is available in your area. 


How much do your services cost?

We offer a large variety of service options, while keeping your budget and specific needs in mind. Although we do recommend inspections as frequently as possible, we also understand that there may be financial constrictions that do not allow for weekly home checks. We have options starting as low as $30 per visit, but we base our rates off of your unique home. Rates are based not only on size, but specific features and amenities of your home. We offer FREE in home consultations to determine the best rate for you.

Regardless of the out of pocket cost, our services are designed to protect what is likely the largest investment you will make, your home. Your small out of pocket expense for our services can prevent you from having significantly higher costs if your home is left unattended to during your absence. You wouldn't neglect proper maintenance on your car, or bargain hunt for your doctor. Why should your home be any different?